Starting a new innings at ADAMAS WORLD SCHOOL

Starting a new innings at ADAMAS WORLD SCHOOL. You can know more about the school here at

Also to know more, you can check out the write up from Principal’s Desk.

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Ashok Hall does it again in CBSE Class X & XII Results for 2010

Ashok Hall Girls’ High Secondary School does it again!

This year the girls have proved the critics wrong. There has been a lot of speculation that the Board results may not be good, as every body in school has been busy with Spectrum. Of course, everyone was neck-deep in the making of Spectrum ’10 – the school event; even the XIIth graders volunteered their services in the 2-day event. But the Xs and XIIs had regular classes and they all worked hard towards a good result.

A total of 174 students of class X sat for the AISSE-2010 and 170 of them have scored 6 points and above. The statistics make interesting reading: 8 students have hit bull’s eye with 10 points, 82 have hit 9 points, 47 of them scored 8 points, 22 and 10 have notched 7 and 6 points respectively. Only a handful had to be content with a second division. I congratulate all of them but special greetings go out to the Top 10Manvi Agarwal, Ankita Jhunjhunwala, Garima Patodia, Rucha Sanjay Vaidya, Trisha Banerjee, Suchetna Bhattacharyya, Sheena Saraf, Anuja Bhutra.

This year’s batch of AISSCE-2010 comprised of 290 students with the break up as follows:
Science- 93, Humanities-138, Commerce- 46 and Commercial Management (Vocational) – 13.
A score of hundred was achieved in Biology. A record number of 50 students scored the highest marks in various subjects. Last, but not the least, Pooja Bhatia has taken the school to a great height by becoming the Topper in the state in Humanities stream.

Congratulations to one and all!

CBSE Class X Results for 2009 of Ashok Hall have been fantastic!

CBSE  Class X results for the batch 2009 are also out. And they have been fantastic. In fact they have done as well as my Class XII.

My school, Ashok Hall Girls’ High Secondary School has done quite splendidly with 96% of my students securing first division. There have been infact seven students who  scored 100 marks in Social Sciences, 2 scored 100 in Math and many have secured 99 marks.

Juhi Agarwal leads the batch with 96.2%,followed by Aanchal Agarwal with 96% and not far behind is Shreepriya Nopany with 95.8%. I am sure the grit and determination that this batch has shown will be inspiritional for others who are preparing for the Boards next year.

Ashok Hall Girls’ High Secondary School Contact Information

This is a frequently asked question and hence thought of placing the school’s contact information here, for all to see and use.

My Senior Section’s (Classes VI to XII) current contact information is as follows:-

5A, Sarat Bose Road,
Kolkata – 700020

Phone: 033-2287-1271 & 033-2287-4558
Fax: 033-2280-9529
Email: and

And my Junior Section’s (Lower Infant to Class V) current contact information is as follows:-

6, Palm Avenue
Kolkata – 700019

Phone: 033-2287-1278

CBSE Class XII Results of Ashok Hall are out!

CBSE  Class XII results are out. My school, Ashok Hall Girls’ High Secondary School has done quite well with 99% of my students securing first division. The sweat and toil of my students have finally paid off. The students of the Vocational Stream have done exceptionally well but this does not mean that I take away credit from other achievers of the Commerce, Science and Humanities Streams.

Priya Maheshwari & Riddhi Mehta of Commerce Stream  have topped the school with both securing 94.4%Mudrika Khaitan with 93.2% and Anisha Dutta with 93% lead the Humanities and Science Streams respectively. And Shreeharsh Agarwal with 90.2% in Vocational Stream is not far behind.

The real kudos, ofcourse, are reserved for my dedicated and sincere teachers.

TV news channels like Star Ananda & 24 Ghanta and various newspapers, for e.g. on the 5th page of Times of India & editorial page of Sanmarg have featured our school’s result. There has also been mentions of the school’s result in online new media.

Reply published by Graphiti, the magazine of Telegraph newspaper in Kolkata

Today Graphiti Magazine of Telegraph Newspaper, Kolkata published the reply of Mr. Suhel Seth with respect to my letter to him regarding his comments in the magazine, which had hurt the sentiments of parents/guardians & students of our school, Ashok Hall Girls’ High Secondary School, a lot.

My letter to the magazine and Mr. Suel Seth’s reply can be seen here .

Hello world! literally. A newbie who just entered this interesting world of blogging…

A quick Hi to the “World”

I just *arrived* to this new world of blogging or what is actually called web-logging.

It actually seems quite same as the time when we used to keep diaries 🙂 Let’s see how it goes

Courtesy my dearest son  “Arjun” a.k.a “Abir” 🙂

A brief intro about me: I am an educationist, literati and am the Principal of Ashok Hall Girls’ High Secondary School, one of the premier schools of Kolkata.

Also please note that, the views expressed here in this blog are my personal views only and in no way reflect or represents the official views of my Employers or School.

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